About Insource

Insource is a leading consulting and recruiting company. We help our partner organizations in their search for the leaders and also in effective staff management. 

Our goal is to reach the maximum result, even when the problem is tough to solve. Our strong sense of responsibility towards the task is what makes us so trustworthy for the major organizations in the country. 

Our partner organizations can be found in various spheres of industry. We work together with leaders to achieve the long term and vivid results, which bring the success to the business. 

Our services include the search for the leaders and professionals in order to create a successful teams of management consulting and training.

Insource team is (as a team we are):

A. Professional

Insource team consists of professionals. Successful result, ethics and the right attitude towards the task is important to us. Perfectly completed work is our main value.

B. Friendly and Reliable

We trust each other and our partners. We participate in bringing success to our partners and clients what creates long term relations with partners, clients and candidates. Relations based on trust is our fundamental value.

C. Capable

Our consultants have a long experience with search, management and instruction in local and international organizations. We work as a team and share with each other the practice in order to be more effective and get better results. 

To have innovations and the development of search and management of people are our important values.

D. Client-Oriented

The long term relations and satisfaction of our partners and clients are important to us which is why our main motivation is our partners’ best result and not the cost of services. We study our clients’ needs, opportunities and plan the result that is beneficial for both parties. To understand and be involved in our clients’ success are our core values.